Which foods help you to keep the depression away

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foods help keep depression away

Depression is a common and serious mental disorder. The depression affects how you feel, think and also affect your behaviour. It is not caused by just one reason, there are many reasons behind being trapped by depression. However, depression occurs due to various reasons like some people face depression due to medical illness while others may face depression due to changes in life. People adopt many methods of therapy, medication etc. to deal with depression. However, there are some foods which help you to overcome depression. Moreover, the consumption of these foods also improves overall mental health. (Also read: What are the things you must remember when your loved one is dealing with depression)

Let’s know which foods help you to overcome depression:

Apples contain abundant antioxidants. It helps to reduce oxidative damage and swelling. In addition, apples contain soluble fibre which helps to keep the blood sugar stable, which makes the person happy.

Vitamin B6
Fish, Banana, Chicken and Avocado are good sources of Vitamin B6 which help in reducing stress. The consumption of food which is a rich source of vitamin B6 helps the body to boost the level of serotonin, a chemical which influences mood. The low level of serotonin cause depression. (Also read: What Are The Surprising Symptoms of Depression You Should Know)

Olive Oil
Olive oil contains antioxidant and monosaccharide fatty acids which help in reducing the inflammation from the brain. Along with this, it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It keeps the body healthy and helps to keep you away from the depression.

Walnuts and cashews
Walnuts have magnesium and cashew nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, this reduces the risk of both depression and keeps the brain healthy.

There is vitamin D in milk which helps to improve the mood. Vitamin D works like neurotransmitters. Drinking a glass of hot milk before sleeping is beneficial to overcome depression. (Also read: Which Nutritional Deficiencies May Cause Depression)

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