Difference Between Depression And Sadness

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Differences Between Depression And Sadness

In between depression and sadness, there are few certain differences one can hardly find out. People usually think that depression occurs when you are too sad. But this is not depression. These are some certain signs which tell about this. To know that how depression and sadness are different you should know about the signs which are going to be discussed here. You can have a reality check by knowing you are having depression or just intense sadness. (Also Read: Effective Ways To Deal With Depression)

The cause is identifiable or not:
Sadness is the result of any incident or action which has happened. It can be one or two things together. You can feel sad because of the certain situation. But, if you have depression, then your upset mind can be the cause of multiple and various reasons. Actually, depression can be caused just for a single reason. Many reasons together make a person depressed. Although there are exceptions too. But usually, people are not able to tell the actual reasons for depression clearly.

Sad at one thing or everything:
Depression has no particular reason to be sad. The source of depression can be a particular reason. But after having this illness you can not find anything positive. The entire life will be upset for you. That means depression has no logical reason. But if you are sad your sadness can be out easily and you know why exactly you are sad. (Also Read: How To Deal With Teenage Depression)

Sadness can go by its own:
Sadness is a normal human emotion. As we all know our mind is full of emotional reactions. It depends on the situation, action, event etc. So, once you get a sadness, it will go out by the changes of the situation. But, you need to treat the depression. it is a mental illness. It makes you upset from your mind. Depression does not change the situation, action or the events. However, this is just to let you understand the differences.

Depression brings sadness, but sadness does not:
If you have depression, you will have sadness. It is a natural instinct. But if you are having just sadness, it’s not necessary that you will get depression. Over and deep sadness gradually takes the place of depression. One simple reason of your sadness can be your depression. That is why experts say that try to gel with the situation, no matter what. If you can overcome your sadness you will not have depression. (Also Read: Effective Ways To Recover From Depression)

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