Difference of depression in males and females

As men and women have a different behavioural pattern, they do differ in the types of depression they suffer. Though, the basics of depression remain same like a bad mood, lost interest in hobbies, suffering insomnia, feeling of guilt, lost motivation etc. However, there is a fine line between the two.

How does depression affect male and female?

Females are more expressive when it comes to emotions. They are either more vocal about how they feel or they express it through their actions to make the other person aware of their state. Women stand first in conveying their emotions while men are more rigid and introvert when it comes to expressing.

Men express their depression or sad phase through anger and irritability. The anger attack in men is three times higher than that in women. Another difference that lies between how depression affects men and women is that women express depression through symptoms like excessive sleeping and overeating than men who suffer insomnia and inappropriate appetite.

What are the signs of depression in men?

1. Excessive smoking and drinking
2. Becoming violent and abusive
3. Driving recklessly
4. Excessive working out
5. Showing anger and exploding more frequently
6. Becoming dominating and controlling

What are the causes of depression in women?

Women are more prone to suffer from depression. Due to a lot of hormonal changes that their bodies undergo, they experience a lot of changes in their behaviour as well. Therefore, let’s find out what all are the causes of depression in women:

1. Pregnancy
2. Puberty
3. Menopause
4. Postpartum depression
5. Expectations from life
6. The stress of marriage and working place.
7. Health issues

Why is depression different in males and females?

The difference of depression in males and females is due to the expected role of both the genders in the society. While weakness and dependency are related to women, being strong and independent are the expected traits of men. Thus women communicate her inner state to the people she is close to while men remain silent and express their feelings either through their actions or by completely signing off from everything. However, this ultimately worsens the kind of depression men suffer with. It also suffocates them and makes their condition miserable.

What are the treatments for depression?

Usually, the treatment for depression in both male and female is same. Thus, therapies, counselling, medication etc. are the most common treatments of all.
Depression also has a tendency to relapse in the human body if it had once hit, so a temporary treatment and leaving it in between is not suggested. One should take a proper treatment until the symptoms of depression completely vanish and there are no relapses. Moreover, if the medication does not suit well to the patients, consult your doctor and get the necessary advice in such case.

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