Conditions which are often mistaken as depression

Conditions which are often mistaken as depression

Understanding mental illness can be difficult, as there are many mental diseases that have similar signs and symptoms. Depression is a result of hormonal changes in the brain. It has many physical signs that can help to recognize but sometimes, these signs can be of some other mental condition as well. The similarities between these signs make it difficult to differentiate between various kinds of mental disorder. Therefore, it is important to understand about other kinds of mental illness, that might look like depression but in reality, they are completely different. Depression is a serious mental condition, therefore it is important to be aware of the signs of symptoms of depression. (Also read: How to help your child to come out of depression)

Bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that falls under the umbrella of mental illness. In this mental condition, the person constantly struggles to maintain a constant mood. The person can be gloomy one second, and happy the other. As a result, people mistake the gloominess for depression.

Mood disorder
The mood disorder is a type of mental illness that stands for dramatic changes in the moods of the person. It can be related to depression, but it is not included in depression as a whole. It is related to personality changes and mood changes. (Also read: What is morning depression and its causes)

Dysthymic Disorder
It is a mental disorder that strikingly similar signs and symptoms to that of depression. However, this disorder is less intense in comparison n to depression, but its effects last for a longer time period.

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Choric fatigue syndrome is a condition where the person feels lack of energy to do day to day things in life. The cause of this condition is not yet known. Chronic fatigue syndrome appears similar to depression as there is a lack of motivation and constant urge to step away from social life. However, this disorder is more about not being able to do things, whereas depression is more about lack of will to do things. (Also read: What are the everyday habits that are making your depression worse)

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