Can depression run in the genetics of the family

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Can depression run in the genetics of the family

Depression is a mental condition that affects millions of people over the world. It is a condition that takes away the happiness and motivation from a person. In extreme cases, depression can lead to self-harm as well. Many medical experts and researchers are trying to understand the causes of depression. One of the possible causes of depression appears to be a genetic condition. It might sound hard to believe as depression is a mental condition. However, recent researches by various groups and Institutes have pointed out a connection between depression and genetics. This simply means that if you have depression, then your next generation can face the consequences. (Also read: Can depression be contagious)

Spread of depression via genes
As it turns out the depression is actually dependent on genetic functioning. The gene of depression that is 3ps25-25 can be transferred within the family itself. The person whose parents had depression can acquire the same disease. It is not a certain condition. It just increases the possibility of depression.

Serotonin connection
Serotonin is a kind of hormone that is responsible for behavioural changes. It is the happy hormone. It is basically a chemical that maintains the connection between neuron and brain. The disbalance of Serotonin leads to the mood disorder. If the parents suffer from the lack of Serotonin hormone then the chances are that the kids will too suffer from it too. Therefore, it is another way of saying that the depression is genetic. (Also read: What are the signs of concealed depression)

Other factors that can lead to depression in next generation
The gene formation of a person is just one of the ways that a family affect the mental health of a person. In many cases when the child is exposed to depression on a regular basis then he or she adopts it. This is another way that depression affects the next generation. Depression can be a result of various factors other than genetic condition. However, many times genes play an important role in it. (Also read: What are the signs of smiling depression)

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