Can depression be contagious

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Can depression be contagious

When we think of contagious diseases, we hardly think of depression as one of them. It is believed that the depression usually doesn’t come in the same category. However, the negative emotions which are a part of depression can affect the other person as well. This is why when you are with someone who is dealing with depression it has impacts on you as well.
Depression is signified by fatigue, sadness, negativity and lack of zeal. People who spend time with depressed people often lose their positive spirit as well. If your spouse or your friend or even your parent are the victims of depression, then it gets difficult to maintain your mental health. There are few things that you should keep in mind to help yourself. (Also read: What are the physical symptoms of depression)

Don’t make it a personal issue
It is always an easy option to take someone’s behaviour as a personal affront. However, it is important to recognize the signs of depression and keep it away from the personal issue. (Also read: Five self-care tips to combat depression)

Get involved in physical activities
It is important to keep the endorphin hormonal stimulation. Find time your exercise and a regular exposure of sunshine. So, that you can keep yourself in a positive frame of mind.

Spend time with happy people
While it is important to support your loved one to get through depression, you need to take time for yourself. Which is why you should take the time to meet your other friends and family members. Like bad emotions, good emotions also have an effect on the mental health.

Get enough sleep
Sometimes, the person who is taking care of the depressed person fails to take care of himself or herself. So it is equally important to get adequate sleep. This will keep you happy and energetic.

Talk about it
It might appear selfish, but it is important to communicate about needs and problems as well. Speak out and seek help when you need. It is important to care for your mental state as well. (Also read: How to help your friend to come out of depression)

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