Can a traumatic incident lead to depression

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Can a traumatic incident lead to depression

Everyone deals with difficult issues in life, but in some cases, the difficult issues are life-altering traumatic events. These events have a deep and powerful on the person who lived it or witness. All these incidents can affect the mental health of the person as well. In extreme cases, these traumatic events can cause depression. This kind of depression is a very haunting condition as the person keeps reliving the traumatic events. (Also read: 5 non-drug therapies that can help to fight depression)

What kind of traumatic events can cause this kind of depression?
The definition of a traumatic event varies from person to person. For some people losing a loved one is a traumatic event, whereas for other it can be a deadly experience. Anything that has a deep impact on the mental condition of the person, can be a part of a traumatic experience. (Also read: Conditions which are often mistaken as depression)

Signs of depression after a traumatic event

Reliving the event
The person with this kind of depression spends his or her time in reliving the traumatic incident. This habit keeps the incident alive in the person’s mind. As a result, it becomes really hard for him or her to move on.

Panic attacks
Whenever there is a trigger for the traumatic event the person become panic stricken and often it leads to panic attacks. Panic attacks are a very scary state of mind. Panic attacks can completely ruin the mental state of the victim.

Avoiding the things that remind of the traumatic event
In some cases, the person can’t even be around the things that remind him or her of the event. For example, if the person’s traumatic event was a car accident. Chances are that he or she won’t be comfortable while stepping in the car. (Also read: How to help your child to come out of depression)


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