Happy people can be depressed too

Happy people can be depressed too

Even the happiest people can be depressed too. We often mistake when we see someone smiling or laughing. However, they are so deeply broken from inside that they try to make others happy.

foods help keep depression away

Which foods help you to keep the depression away

The depression occurs due to various reason like some people face depression due to medical illness while others may face depression due to changes in life. People adopt many methods of therapy, medication and others. Apart from these methods, there some foods which help you to overcome depression.

which nutrition deficiency cause depression

Which Nutritional Deficiencies May Cause Depression

There are a lot of signs of depression like immediate weight loss or weight gain and changes in sleep patterns. You can be a victim of depression for many reasons. Apart from this, the lack of nutrition also causes depression.

What Are The Emotional Symptoms Of Depression

What Are The Emotional Symptoms Of Depression

The emotional depression is a severe mental disorder which alters the personality of the individual besides hampering the mental state. The person may lose control of his/her emotions and may also feel worthless.