Control Your Bipolar Disorder With Meditation

Control Your Bipolar Disorder With Meditation

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder and is also known as manic-depressive illness. The illness results in extreme highs and lows of mood. The sudden mood swings are the basic characteristic of this disorder. However, practising meditation acts as a control to bipolar disorder apart from medical treatment.

The ‘highs’ in bipolar disorder causes elation, happiness, euphoric, unhealthy behavior and impulsive nature. Whereas, in cases of ‘lows’, the conditions include lack of energy, lack of interest in activities, sleepless nights, sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness. The quick drift of mood is a common observance among the people suffering from bipolar disorder. Therefore, meditation is effective in controlling mental disorder.

Meditation is solely the communication with your body. It makes you breathe in the purest form. It stabilises the mood swings making the person reach the balanced state of mind. Therefore, to treat bipolar disorder, meditation has proven all its aspects. It is true that a complete cure is not possible by just relying on meditation. But, there also comes a fact that performing the meditation practice reduces stress, anxiety, mood swings in the long term. Thus, reducing the chances of bipolar disorder. Meditation for bipolar disorder helps you to control your mood by minimising the highs and lows.

Performing meditation is not a difficult task. You just have to stay calm and sit in an upright posture. Before initiating the process, erase all the thoughts wandering in your mind and let it dissolve. Focus on your breathing while you are exhaling and inhaling slowly. Once you get the hold of your rhythmic breathing, you will start feeling good.

Another way to increase the concentration while meditation is to chant the mantra ‘Om’. The vibrations caused due to this chant heals the mind stabilising the mood disorder. Everyday life becomes difficult for a person who suffers from bipolar disorder. The cordial relationships with friends and family are disrupted. Challenges in the office and with colleagues are also experienced. Hence, to get cure from the bipolar disorder, practice meditation regularly as it can cure your mood swings.

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