Alternative Therapies That Can Help You Heal Grief 

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Alternative Therapies That Can Help You Heal Grief 

There are several ways to deal with grief. People in such situations look for every possible way to treat them. Usually, they approach counsellors or bereavement therapists who can help them deal with the grief.

Apart from the normal treatment modes which common people usually do, there are some creative and outdoor ways of treatment which can heal the grief.

Here are some such therapies

Art therapy

Alternative Therapies That Can Help You Heal Grief Arts can move our minds. So, an art therapy would be an ideal way to identify and address emotional issues. During this therapy, those who undergo this treatment get to explore the thoughts and emotions through the object or image they are creating.

This is the way of one’s artistic self-expression and reflection of his emotions.

Through this artwork, one becomes able to draw out the grief and make sense of complicated feelings and emotions they are into.

During these programs, are advised to draw their loved ones who are lost, through which they can express their feelings through painting, drawing and crafting.

Memory quilting

This can be an ideal way to keep our memories alive. During this, you can make a project to quietly focus on. You could use squares snipped from a favourite shirt or another garment, to create a treasured family heirloom for example. As an alternative form of grief and loss therapy.

Walking therapy

Alternative Therapies That Can Help You Heal Grief Grief creates a bunch of complicated emotions. Things led to bereavement earlier may later end up something that overwhelms us. Like you feel better if you talk to someone. Similar to talking, there is walking therapy as well. Obviously, this is an outdoor exercise, which can alleviate some of the inhibitions that might hold us back from talking in a more formal setting.

We can also adjust the pace while walking so that we can make the session more interesting.  Walking has a healing touch. This outdoor activity is beneficial for the emotional wellbeing.

Cooking therapy

Cooking is another thing which can help you get away from grief. This therapy has been proved to be working among those who are bereaved. Like eating well is always important, cooking can also make the situation little easier.


Of course, songs can influence our emotions. Similarly, singing is also good for our wellbeing. The improved breathing and the release of feel-good endorphins during singing have a positive impact on our emotions and stress levels.

Laughter Yoga

Yes, laughter can help people coping with grief or bereavement over a longer period of time. This alternative therapy has many health benefits. It reduces the stress levels and anxiety. It generates feel-good endorphins and releases pent-up emotions. These therapies are usually held in groups and often outdoors.

Creative writing

This is an ideal way to explore the emotions and themes that lurk inside our mind. Some counsellors recommend the patients write down their thoughts. Poetry, fiction or fairy tales, anything would work better in this case. You can also write a love letter to the loved one whom you are missing.

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