Why is love important for our health

Why is love important for our health

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Not only it gives an association with others but also helps to stay healthy. It provides mental peace and gives a feeling of belongingness. We all know that being alone in this cruel world is hurtful. Thus, we need love and care to stay happy. Love does not only mean a love affair with an opposite sex. It means loving and caring for the people around you. Your family, friends, colleagues etc. can help you stay positive and motivated in life by showering that love on you. (Also read: What are the signs that your ex-boyfriend has moved on and how you must accept it)

The love of a mother and her newborn baby can match no other bond likewise meeting your soulmate is one of the best things in life. It helps to destress yourself and stay blissful in life. Let’s find out the various health benefits of love.

Why is love important for our health?

Helps to reduce anxiety: When we are alone, we become sad and feel hurtful. Eventually, it increases the inflammation in the body. It leads to anxiety, increasing the level of cortisol and adrenaline rush in the body. When people have no one in life, they are often threatened and feel lonely. Love helps to provide security and thus makes us feel happy. Even in studies, it is proved that love reduces the anxiety issues.

Helps to live longer: We all need love, care and support in our life. Be it from our parents, siblings, friends or from our lover, we all love to be loved. Social and emotional support is required to live a longer and happier life. Those who are in love show fewer traces of health issues both mentally and physically. Even in studies, it has been shown that those who are in love are likely to live a longer life. (Also read: What are the ways to stop thinking about your crush)

Love makes you happy: Those who are in love feel a sudden rush in the dopamine level of their brain. Dopamine is the happy hormone which regulates your behaviour. Though it is also believed that those who are in love also feel the rush of cortisol and serotonin in the brain, but it all natural. You feel a bit insecure and anxious once you start loving someone. But gradually it all settles as the dopamine level is high.

Love helps to reduce stress: Love definitely helps to cut the stress on the body. It releases the oxytocin hormone in the body which helps to have a warm bonding with your partner. It is true that when we have someone in life with whom we are attached, we often have a sense of belongingness. Thus, it helps us to feel stress-free, says a study. Eventually, the cortisol level of the body reduces and bring all the neurochemicals back in balance.

Love helps to stay healthy: When we care for someone, we make sure that the person is in the pink of his/her health. It eventually helps to stay healthy and happy. Having a partner is a wonderful thing as the love and care we get from them, makes us stay healthy and delighted. It also helps to take extra care yourself. (Also read: What are the reasons due to which a woman changes after getting married)

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