Why brother and sisters are best friends

Why brother and sisters are best friends

No bond can match up the equation between a brother and a sister. It is the most pious relationship in the entire universe. No matter how badly you both fight each other and through tantrums for not agreeing what the other says, this bond is irreplaceable. Though we don’t need a special day to celebrate his bond and love, yet there exists a day dedicated to the brother and sisters of the entire world.

Raksha Bandhan, a day when all the sisters bless their brother’s with love and well being and brothers shower their immense care and love on their beloved sisters. A day when the promises are recalled to protect the honour of their sister and fight all the odds just for the sake of their dear sister. Well, this day is really special as our siblings are not just our friends but our best friends too! Lucky are the ones, who share this double bond with their siblings.

So here are some reasons why our siblings are our best friend:

Brother’s are the first guy in a girl’s life:
This is actually true, brothers are the first closest guy in a girl’s life. Before she steps outside the home, she knows what guys are actually because she has a brother. The one who teases her and fights with her but at last shower all the love in the world on her.

Brother’s protect you like a soldier:
Brothers can’t tolerate any trouble to their sister. They boil in anger seeing someone bothering their sister and just can’t take that. They are always at your back to support you and to protect your honour.

Brother’s are always possessive for their sisters:
Brothers have a tendency to dislike your guy friends. They are too possessive and protective for you. Can’t see you hurt and can’t share your love with someone else. Thus, they keep finding faults in your guy friends.

Brother’s know how to make their sister smile:
Even though life is full of worries and tension, brothers know how to bring the smile on their sister’s face. They will become a clown for you so that you can give them a smile. They just can’t tolerate pain in your eyes.

Brother’s are a constant friend:
We all come across a time in life when we fall short of friends or we actually don’t have many people to talk to! Even during that time, we have our brother’s who are walking constantly behind us in every sphere of life.

Brother’s can do anything for you:
You are lucky if you are a younger sister! An elder brother will do anything for you even if it’s out his reach. If he is elder, he by default take you as his own little child whom he has to protect from all the odds.

Brother-sister love is unconditional:
This bond of brother and sister can’t be expressed in real words. This is a selfless and unconditional bond that everyone carries proudly. No matter what, this one relationship in the world makes us feel protected and loved all through our lives.

Sisters are brother’s best friend:
Brother’s no matter elder or younger, always seek their sister’s advice even in the minutest decision of their life. They know that their sister is well aware of their situation and will never guide them wrong.

Both hide each other’s darkest secrets:
Well, it goes for both brother and sister, you both know each other’s secrets and hide it from parents. You may charge a bribe for hiding it, but you know, you don’t have to leak it out!

Sisters know their brothers better than anyone else:
Sisters are brothers most precious gift. They know their brother more than anyone. When the brother is in bad mood, she knows how to cheer him up and when he is angry in rage, she knows to stay quiet for that moment!

Sisters save brothers from parents:
Brothers often return home late and then secretly call their sister to unlock the door to allow them in. Every sister hides this ‘peep secretly inside home’ story from their parents.

So, this Raksha Bandhan do not promise your sister to only save her honour, but to protect all the sisters you see in trouble! And sisters do not just be dependent on your brother’s for your protection. Take a stand and speak for yourself!

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