What are the signs that your boyfriend is bored of you

What are the signs that your boyfriend is bored of you

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Monotony or boredom can kill a perfect relationship. When we just enter in a relationship, it all about love, affection, care and discovering new things about your partner. The initial stages are really exciting and lively. However, as the time passes, both the partners get to know each other really well. For some people, it is an amazing feeling, while others link it to monotony and boredom. So, girls, if you feel that you have reached that stage in your relationship and things, have changed to a routine then be a little vigilant about it. Boredom can drive your boyfriend away, so what are the signs that your boyfriend is bored of your relationship. (Also read: Why girls prefer dating older men)

He doesn’t notice any new thing in you
It doesn’t matter if you got a new haircut or a new dress or anything else, he doesn’t notice you. This is the clearest sign of boredom or that he is losing in you. It also means that you don’t attract him in the way you used to.

Always on the phone
A bored boyfriend is always focused on phone. He spends most of his time on social media instead of talking to you. He uses the phone as an escape from the relationship. (Also read: What are the sign that your ex is still in love with you)

Checks out other girls
When a boyfriend is bored in a relationship the most common sign is he is checking out other girls. He might not act on it, but he certainly lurking. To catch him doing this, you have to pay attention. This a clear sign of boredom.

He doesn’t plan things for you
He doesn’t make an effort to plan things for you anymore. When a relationship is budding, most guys try their best to keep their girls happy. However, if a guy is bored in a relationship then he would stop making the efforts.

No real conversation
Late night calls, text and conversations have been replaced by small short talks. Your boyfriend doesn’t even try to address the real issues. This is a sign that he is bored. (Also read: What are the worst mistakes women make in a relationship)

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