What are the signs that you are in a relationship with a drama queen

What are the signs that you are in a relationship with a drama queen

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It is fun to be in a relationship with a girl who is open about her feelings and emotions. However, sometimes, some girls think that being open about your feeling means being dramatic about the same. Often these girls are called drama queens. When you are in a relationship with a drama queen, you spend half of your time making her happy and another half in finding out why she is upset. When you are in a relationship you need a partner who is understanding and full of love. That is not the case when you are dating a drama queen. So, always watch out for these signs to know if your dating a drama queen. (Also read: How can you get your ex to miss you)

She makes everything about her
When you are dealing with a tough time or you are struggling with something, all you need from your partner is to be supportive. It is not true in case of a drama queen. She wants the attention to stay rooted in her, so she makes everything about her.

Always throwing tantrums
She might be an adult, but she still acts like a complete brat. When you are in a relationship you both have to make compromises every now and then. However, she constantly wants to have her way and throws tantrums.  (Also read: How to compliment your partner in the most genuine way)

Threatens to break it off
In a mature relationship, every issue is dealt with a conversation and discussion. This is not the case when your dating a drama queen. If you don’t listen to her she always threatens to break it off with you.

Your friends don’t like her
Often it happens that you are in a relationship you are blinded by love or infatuation you can’t see the real face of your partner. At this time your friends can help you to know what your girlfriend really is. So, there is no surprise that they hate her.

Always picks up a fight
Even when it is possible that you two can sort the issue logically, she picks up a fight and reacts in an overly emotional manner.

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