What are the common misconception guys have about periods

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What are the common misconception guys have about periods

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Periods are the natural part of a women’s reproductive health. They are simply the breaking down of the lining of the uterus. However, the subject of periods is still a taboo in the society and often there are many misconceptions about periods. For men everywhere, periods are a completely alien concept. Girls and women often feel too shy and embarrassed to ever speak to the opposite gender about periods. This leads to various misbeliefs in a man’s mind about periods. Therefore, it is important to know and remove the misconceptions guys usually have about periods.

Periods blood come in form of pee
This is the most common misconception about periods. Periods’ blood secretion and peeing are two separate things. Women use Urethra to pee whereas the blood during periods come out of the vagina hole.

Periods blood is blue
That is one misconception that is promoted by the advertisement industry. In all advertisement related to periods’ product, the blood is shown as blue. However, it is just a representation of the period. The colour of blood is just red.

One pad can last through the entire cycle
Hygiene is must during periods. Therefore, it is important to change the pad every 4 hours to keep away from the infection.

Women use periods as an excuse
The period cycle is a tough time for women. Though it varies from woman to woman. In general, there are periods’ cramps, bloating of stomach, uneasiness etc. It is important to understand that women truly have a tough time during periods.

Women can control the period flow
No woman can have control over the flow of periods. This is surprisingly a common misconception. The truth is that it is not possible. The flow and heaviness of periods vary from woman to woman and there is no way to control it.

Bleeding is painful
The bleeding during periods is not painful. However, there are other things that accompany periods that make periods time miserable.

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