What are the things that your partner never wants to tell you

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What are the things that your partner never wants to tell you

Communication is a mandatory thing in a relationship. If you want a healthy and strong relationship you should talk to your partner. However, there are few things your partner cannot tell you openly but secretly hopes that you will understand. These things are very little but can make a huge difference in your relationship. Thus, if your partner is not telling you some things and behaving weirdly on different occasions you should try to understand and better talk clearly. Besides this, it is very unlikely that your partner will love whatever you love. So, try to understand and make little changes in you. (Also read: What does the colour of your dress interpret while you go on a first date)

What are the things that your partner never wants to tell you?

Work on the looks: Usually your partner will not tell you to improve on your looks. He/she can only give you signs. In fact, even if they tell you, you will feel offended. You will feel bad and will not like the approach. The only thing your partner wants is that you should try a little to look more attractive.

Don’t feel like talking when drunk: It goes for both the partners. If you are drunk, it might be that your partner does not want to talk to you at that time. And in fact, vice a versa. You might be possessive about your partner’s health and well being when he/she is drunk. But few people avoid talking when they are drunk as the situations are quite slippery during that time. (Also read: What are the things that your partner will not do for you if he is not your soulmate)

Over makeup on face: This is a problem with most of the guys. They do not like to see you doing a lot of makeup on the face. A caked up face often denotes artificiality. Usually, guys do not prefer too much makeup on a girl.

Not giving them much time: If you do not devote much time to your partner, he/she will definitely not like the idea. Everyone wants some time in a relationship and that’s the idea to revive any good relationship.

Replying to every single message: It is not mandatory that a person has to reply to each and everything you ask them. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. A person can’t reply to every single thing you ask them. Flooding someone constantly with messages is not a good idea.(Also read: What to do if you are in a relationship and still have a crush on someone

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