What are the signs that your girlfriend is actually unfaithful to you

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What are the signs that your girlfriend is actually unfaithful to you

Being single and alone is always better than being in an unfaithful relationship. There are certain people, who just carry the tag of relationship with them. For them, loyalty, trust, faithfulness, love are out of question. Even if they are with you, they hardly care about your feelings and love. They always find ways to be unfaithful to you and hurt you. Well, the thing that you love them is always there to melt your heart and forgive them. However, it’s high time when one should step out of an unfaithful relationship. If your girlfriend is cheating on you and is unfaithful to you, then you must read all the signs clearly. (Also read: How to touch your lady in the right way on your first date)

What are the signs that your girlfriend is actually unfaithful to you?

Too secretive about their phone: When your girlfriend has suddenly become too possessive and secretive about their mobile phones or laptops, then it is a clear sign that she is hiding something. If you both used to share each other’s passcodes and now she has changed it but not revealing it to you, then definitely she is unfaithful to you.

Started telling lies: You will notice a drastic change in the behavioural pattern of your girlfriend. She does not remember what all has she told you and contradict her own words. She has forgotten all that she has said on various dates. You will notice that she has started ignoring talking about your previous good time. (Also read: What are the things that you can say instead of saying I Love You)

Not sharing things: Your girlfriend is no more a good friend of yours. Earlier she used to share the little things with you and now she has changed the equation all of a sudden. She does not share anything with you now. She has become secretive and tries to avoid any serious discussion. You both even don’t show any interest in knowing each other’s day. This clearly shows she has no more interest in you.

Started arguing about small things: Having an opinion is good but imposing things and getting into arguments is actually not healthy. Arguments and fights are the part of every relationship. But if you think that the basis of your argument is weird and useless, you must talk. Even then if it does not work out, then it’s obvious your girlfriend into something else.

Being too busy to give you time: It’s all about the priorities. If you want to make out time for each other you will definitely. But if your girlfriend is avoiding you and is making no time for you now, you should talk. She must be busy but she can’t be that busy to have absolutely any time for you. If she has started ignoring and avoid meeting you, then she is actually unfaithful to you. (Also read: What are the various signs that your partner does not care about you at all)

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