What are the signs that your boyfriend is still not over from his ex-girlfriend

What are the signs that your boyfriend is still not over from his ex girlfriend

Love is a beautiful feeling. While everyone has a past, what matters is that you live in your present and is dedicatedly involved with your partner. But some people do not realise this thing. They just can’t get over from their past and thus spoil their present as well. Usually, it is very difficult for boys to get over of their previous relationship and submit themselves to their present girlfriend. Even though they get into a new relationship, they still don’t forget their ex-girlfriend and tend to message them or meet them. In order to have a clear picture, you must watch out the signs they give. It is very important for you to know, where you stand presently in order to be secure. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner will be yours forever)

What are the signs that your boyfriend is still not over from his ex-girlfriend?

When he always talk about his ex-girlfriend: Well, if your boyfriend does not stop talking about his ex-girlfriend, he is still not over her. Mentioning her at every important incident or thinking about her is one of the signs of danger for you. This means, he is still not over her and not totally into you.

Talking to his ex-girlfriend: If your boyfriend is still in touch with his ex and still talks to her, then you must do something. Talk to him. Ask him the reason. If he still talks to her that means, he is not over her and is still attached to her somewhere or the other. (Also read:)What are the most common myths about the rules of dating

Jealous of seeing his ex-girlfriend with someone else: It should ideally make no difference to your boyfriend now. His ex-girlfriend was his past and you are his present. If he still thinks about her and gets jealous while seeing her with someone else, you must have to be cautious. It is not at all a good sign.

Keeping all her gifts safe: If your boyfriend still possesses what his ex-girlfriend gifted him, then you must talk to him. Taking care and still keeping those gifts make no sense now. You are his present and he should respect that. Don’t be just blind and talk to him straightforwardly.

Enjoys his association with her: If your boyfriend still enjoys the fact when his friends associate his name with his ex-friend. He feels happy and celebrates that feeling. Meanwhile, he also ignores you and hurts your feeling.

All the above-mentioned signs show that your boyfriend is still not over of his ex-girlfriend and misses him.  You have not achieved that place in his heart as she has already.  (Also read: What are the signs that you should not marry your long term partner)

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