What are the signs and causes of the sperm allergy

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What are the signs and causes of the Sperm allergy

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Sperm allergy comes under the category of sexually transmitted disease. It is also known by the name seminal plasma hypersensitivity. This is a rare form of the sexually transmitted disease. Firstly, it affects the reproduction health of the woman. So, this happens when a woman comes in direct contact with a sperm. If you are using a condom then it is possible to avoid this allergy. This allergy can cause itching, burning sensation in the vaginal area. Therefore, it is important to know about the causes and symptoms of the sperm allergy.

What are the reasons behind the sperm allergy?
Human seminal plasma hypersensitivity or sperm allergy happens when the body of the woman comes in contact with the protein present in the sperm. Then, this leads to a chemical reaction on the skin. The presence of Glycoprotein is the causes for sperm allegory, the Glycoprotein is released from the Prostate gland.

What are the signs of the sperm allergy
Every woman who is suffering from sperm allergy faces similar conditions in varying intensity. Firstly, it shows its sign after the intercourse when the woman comes in contact with the semen. Also, this allergy is not just limited to the genitals, it has effects on other parts of the body as well. Therefore, it is important to know about its sign.

These are the signs of sperm allergy in women

  • Itching sensation in the genitalia
  • Small pimples
  • Buring sensation
  • Feeling of suffocation
  • Panic and anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling
  • Pain while peeing
  • Eczema

What are the possible treatments for sperm allergy?
Sperm allergy condition varies from woman to woman. Also, it is a tricky disease to treat therefore it is important to seek doctor’s opinion about the same. One of the most popular treatments available is the Intervaginal Seminal Graded Challenge.

Intervaginal Seminal Graded Challenge
Under this treatment, a little amount of your partner’s sperm is injected on a daily basis. It is an intense process and the Doctor’s supervision is a must.

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