What Are The Important Facts About Asymptomatic STD

What Are The Important Facts About Asymptomatic STD

The most common factor of making STD popular is its asymptomatic characteristic. Most people with the Sexually transmitted disease do not even know that they have this. However, there are few diseases having symptomatic characteristic but they are less attachable. In fact, Asymptomatic STDs are more common than the other one. There is a high prevalence of symptom-free STD infections. People can carry STD for a long time being infected by this. Although it might not bother you too much you are capable enough to spread the disease to others. That is why STD is called “Hidden epidemic”- they might make you infertile and even can bring death. 

You might have unrecognisable symptoms:
The most common curable type of STD is Chlamydia. Though many people including half of all men and three-quarter of all women suffering from STD have no symptoms. Even half of all women and 10 percent of men do not show symptoms either. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that there are more than 19 million new STD infection USA each year.

A risk of getting infected:
While people have sex it is not necessary that you get affected by STD. If one infected person has unprotected sex to a new partner every year and each of the partners does unprotected sex to different people every year then in 10 years the main person has disseminated the disease to 1000 new people. That is why the asymptomatic sex is dangerous in terms of spreading.

Possibilities of long-term damage:
STD might not make you feel sick by the time the virus attacks you. It will also affect your sexual partner’s health. If such diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease remain untreated then this will immensely harm you. It can make you infertile forever. Not only this, some STDs like Syphilis, HIV can lead to whole body illness, organ damage and finally it takes life.

STD test positively is necessary:
The only way is to know if you are infected with STD or not is to get STD tested. Before moving to a sexual relationship you and partner have to go for STD checkups as you might not know one of you have Asymptomatic STDs. You can do it on a specialist STD clinic and even you can do it from a regular diagnostic centre.

Feeling good does not mean you are cured:
Just because you do not feel sick and you have no such symptoms, it does not mean you are not able to transfer the disease to your partner. Some people know they have STD but because of its asymptomatic character, they think their sexual partner cannot be infected by the same disease. It is not true! This is a wrong perception people conserve. Such non-curable diseases like cervical cancer, genital warts, AIDS can be your lifetime mate and you should be conscious while having sexual relations with your partner.

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