Signs of syphilis: Everything you need to know about syphilis

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signs of syphilis

Everything you need to know about signs of syphilis

Sexually transferable diseases are something that people must be aware of. When you have unprotected sexual encounter with someone who is already suffering from a sexual disease then you become a prey to it. One such deadly disease is syphilis. It is spread by sexual contact of any nature, be it penetration, anal sex or oral sex. Syphilis can be diagnosed at once using an inexpensive blood test. It can be treated easily, but it left untreated then you can end up with grave consequences of the disease. Thus, it is important to know of the signs of syphilis. (Also read: What the most common question people have about AIDS and HIV)

This article contains:

  • Primary syphilis
  • Secondary syphilis
  • Latent syphilis
  • Tertiary Syphilis

Let’s get into details about the signs of syphilis!

Primary syphilis
The sign of primary syphilis is a sore. This sore is known as the chancre, basically, it is the spot from which the bacteria entered the body. Most of the people who are dealing with the primary state of syphilis experience one sore only, while few experiences more of the sore. The sore develops after the 3 weeks of the encounter with syphilis. It is easy to ignore it as it is painless or might not be visible. It heals on its own. (3 to 6 weeks) (Also read: What is the major difference between HIV and AIDS)

Secondary syphilis

Signs of syphilis
Reoccurring muscle ache might be the sign of the secondary stage of syphilis

Once the sore is health, then just in few weeks you will notice that there is a problem of rash in your genitalia. Then the rash starts to spread on the rest of the body. This rash leads to small, reddish-brown sores on the whole body. It is also accompanied by other signs such as muscle ache, fever, swollen glands etc. If you don’t go for a treatment then these symptoms will go away and then come back again. It can go on like this for a whole year,

Latent syphilis
When you fail to get the treatment then the symptoms appear hidden. Basically, the infection is still there but you can’t see its signs. Many people have another hidden problem that is the sperm allergy. Click the link to know about it.

Tertiary Syphilis

Signs of syphilis
Stroke can be the result of the last stage of syphilis

This is the last stage of syphilis. If over the years you didn’t get the diagnose of syphilis then you face this condition. It leads to neurological problems, stroke, infection and inflammation of membranes around the brain.

You need to keeps these signs in mind. You can read this article in Hindi as well, click the link.

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