How To Live A happy Life With HIV

How To Live A happy Life With HIV

A lot of people live a good life even with HIV. Being HIV positive does not stop anyone from leading a good and healthy life. Just taking a good care of the health would make anyone who is affected by HIV feel healthier, fitter and happier. There are few things you can try to make your health better and it would let you lead a smarter and healthier life like others. You do not have to feel depressed about your condition, you are a normal person just like us!

Go for HIV treatment:

It is true that HIV is not curable. However, there are treatments which can help boost your immunity system. These treatments would not let the virus cause harm to your immunity. As soon as you get to know about your condition, start the treatment for a better life. Also, it is mandated that once you initiate the treatment, you can not leave it in between the course. If you feel any type of side effects or discomfort, you should talk to the doctor about changing the prescription.

Today, the treatment available is much more modernised and have a better working, unlike the past. Previously, the HIV drugs used to have severe side effects but these days there are plenty of new drugs and tests available to make you feel easy and comfortable, through which you would be able to lead a better life.

A balanced diet:

People living with HIV should aim to eat a balanced diet, without too much fat, sugar or salt. If you are underweight, this is because of HIV, so in a way, it is already making you ill by the time you were diagnosed. This is same if you are overweight- if you have any particular dietary problems or side-effects that make it hard to eat well, then you might be benefited from talking to a healthcare professional about your diet. To make it easier to understand what a balanced diet is made up of, it will be helpful to know about the type of foods you eat. Your diet should be made up of:

  1. Plenty of starchy carbohydrates to give you energy such as brown rice, potatoes, wholemeal pasta and bread
  2. Plenty of fruit and vegetables to provide fibre, vitamins and minerals
  3. Some dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt and cheese
  4. Some protein such as lean meat, fish, eggs and beans.

Exercise is must:
Exercises can help you in many aspects. It the best possible way to stay fit. It would help your muscles to stay strong and keep you healthy. HIV treatments have side effects as well. It might make you weak, fat or thin. Some people who are diagnosed with HIV, experience a loss of muscle mass and strength, therefore, exercise can help prevent this.

You can pick your own way of exercising like you can take part in a sports activity or go to the gym. However, don’t forget about everyday activities like dancing, playing in the park with your children, walking to work and gardening. They all can help you to get moving.

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