Know about the symptoms and treatment of HIV in children

Wolds AIDS Day: Know about the symptoms and treatment of HIV in children

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If you think that HIV AIDS is a disease which happens only to adults, you are absolutely wrong. However, the number of children who are infected by the HIV is increasing every year. But there are still a huge amount of children ages 15 or less than that are carrying HIV virus inside them.

HIV virus in children causes an immense damage to the immunity system. There is no treatment which can cure AIDS, but there are a lot of modern techniques and treatments available which can make the children stay safe. The treatments make HIV stay under control and boosts the immunity level in a body.

Causes of HIV in children:
There are many children which got the virus from their mothers when they were pregnant. The kids get the virus during the delivery process or the from the breastfeeding time. If a woman got to know she is HIV positive and carrying a baby in her womb, she must start the treatment as soon as possible, this might not kill the virus but it lowers the chance of spreading the virus to her baby. This is the most powerful way to prevent HIV in children.

Other than that, children may get HIV from sexual abuse or rape. Child marriage is another cause of that. In India and some of the backward countries, child marriage is acceptable. The young teenaged girl can get the HIV from the older husband and it can be passed to her babies.

Symptoms of HIV in children:
There is no assurance that every child will have certain symptoms. HIV symptoms can vary according to age. Some of the common symptoms of HIV in children are:

1. Not gaining weight or growing physically according to the average expectation.
2. Not having the general skills what a normal child has. Development barriers.
3. Brain and nervous system problems are known as Seizures, problems in walking and poor memory.
4. Often feeling sick. Cold, fever, diarrhoea, stomach upset etc.

Treatments for HIV in children:
The treatments are more or less same in adult and children which are a combination of medications Antiretroviral therapy. Because some of the drugs do not come in a liquid form which is difficult for the baby or small children to swallow. There are even some drugs which create serious side effects in children. Without ART, one-third of HIV-positive infants worldwide would not be able to make it to their first birthday. Older kids who don’t have symptoms can take ART to help keep them healthy.

Growing with HIV:
The parents or adults should tell the children about their disease to make things easier and so that they take a good care of themselves. Adults who stay with HIV affected children, have to be caring and aware of the kid’s every step. The kid should not feel low or depressed. Try helping them out with all the gaming activities which keep them busy and happy. Encourage the kids to go for regular treatments and tests.

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