What is Genital Herpes: Symptoms, treatments and diagnosis

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Genital Herpes: Symptoms, treatments and Diagnosis

One of the most common Sexually Transmitted diseases is Genital Herpes. This disease caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Most of the Genital Herpes happens by simplex virus type 2. Simple virus type 1 is more often cause cold sores or fever blisters. This disease is symptomatic. Most people suffering from this disease know that they have this disease.

HSV Infection:
Genital herpes transmits from one person to another while having sexual intercourse. This happens even the person has no symptoms or signs of the infection. Just the sexual contact is enough to spread the disease. If the bacteria enter through the skin, it roams around the nerve paths. After entering it becomes dormant inside the body and remains unidentified. After few times this virus becomes active gradually. Once this happens the virus again travels through the nerve paths to the surface of the skin. At this point, the virus causes a lot of symptoms on the outer side of the skin. It is easier for the virus to travel one body to another during sexual contact. Even wearing a condom would not work.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes:
If you pass the infection to your sexual partner, you might not have the symptoms of HSV infection. But sometimes you might notice some symptoms within few days after the intercourse. It may occur like a small blister which will eventually produce raw and painful sores and it will heal itself within a few weeks. There will be cold and flu along with the blisters. Other symptoms of genital herpes in men and women include:

1.Raw, red areas around genital without pain, itchiness or tingling.
2. Same problems in the anal regions.
3. Some blisters with painful sores near genitals, thighs or rectal area.
4. Most often the painful urination happens over the sores. Especially women face this problem.
5. Headaches
6. Flu-like symptoms, fever, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue.
7. Backaches.  (Also read: HIV in children: Symptoms and treatments)

Home treatments of Genital Herpes:
There are few remedies you can try to get rid of the discomfort caused by the Genital Herpes. These home treatments are:

You can go for painkillers like Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen. Other than that you can try following remedies.area of the infection with ½ teaspoon salt with ½ lukewarm water.

1. Dress the area of the infection with ½ teaspoon salt with ½ lukewarm water.
2. Try wearing loose fitting clothes to get the air circulate on the sore. This would help the sore heal faster.
3. You can put an ice-bag on the affected area.
4. Take a good amount of rest.

Precautions of the Genital Herpes:
There are few precautions you can take to avoid getting this disease.
1. Do not kiss your partner if he or she has cold sores.
2. Strictly avoid oral sex when your partner has oral or genital sex.
3. Wash your hands and soaps after touching your genitals and the infected area.

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