Which Indian foods increases the sperm count

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which indian foods increases the sperm count

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There are many people who suffer from infertility problems. Men’s fertility usually depends on their sperm count. If a person has less sperm count then this can affect his sexual life. Apart from this, the biggest cause of infertility problem is that the number of sperm count is low. There may be several reasons for the low sperm count in men, such as consuming excessive drugs, consuming toxic chemicals, alcohol or smoking or consuming excessive junk foods. But there are many such Indian food items that can help to increase the sperm count and to get rid of infertility problem. (Also read: Which things you should avoid before sex)

Let’s know which foods help to get rid infertility problem:

which indian foods increases the sperm count
Eating eggs is one of the best alternatives to increase the sperm count. Eggs contain high amounts of Vitamin-E and Protein which protects sperm cells from free radicals. The nutrient present in the egg makes the production of sperm count healthy.


Banana contains Vitamin A, B1 and C which improves the production of sperm. It also contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme that increases sperm count and boosts motility. (Also read: What are the biggest and most shocking myths about fertility)


Broccoli contains folic acid which is essential for men’s infertility. Eating broccoli daily also increases about 70 percent of the sperm count.

which indian foods increases the sperm count
Pomegranate is a better option to increases the sperm count and simultaneously improves the quality of sperm. It also contains antioxidants that help in fighting blood-free radicals. Apart from this, it is also a type of fertility booster.


Garlic makes immunity boost. Vitamin B6 and also Selenium, which are found in garlic, increase the production of sperm. Apart from this, it also improves blood circulation in the testicles. (Also read: Why do you feel like peeing during intercourse)

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