What are the things that might kill your libido during your honeymoon

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What are the things that might kill your libido during your honeymoon

So, now when all the reservations and planning for the honeymoon has been done, you must be very excited as well. Every couple wants to have the best time when they far from the worldly affairs and totally into each other. This is the best time to know your partner more closely. It’s actually the time when you both come physically and mentally close to each other and celebrate your marriage. It has been believed that couples who have healthy honeymoon tend to be happier in their marriage. Thus, being a male partner your libido matters a lot. There are few things that affect your libido and sexual urge in the worst manner. Let’s find out what all are those! (Also read: Foods that can improve your sexual health)

What are the things that might kill your libido during your honeymoon?

Overstressing yourself: Honeymoon is the time to relax and take a break. So chill and enjoy this phase of life. Overstressing and overworking during this time will kill your sexual urge as you will be too tired to do anything. Already after the marriage, you are half tired. If you will forcefully try to keep yourself awake, it will worsen your performance in bed. So, it’s time you should actually spend a quality time with your partner.

Avoid dairy products: You must stay low on dairy products as they affect the level of oestrogen and testosterone level of a person. Testosterone, the hormone responsible for your sexual arousal might come down with intaking of products like milk, cheese, curd etc. So, pick your food wisely while you want to make the best of your honeymoon. (Also read: How does depression affect your sexual health)

Overconsumption of alcohol or caffeine: Overconsumption of coffee and alcohol, while you are on your honeymoon, can kill your libido. Caffeine leads to anxiety issues and lowers the sexual desire of a person. Besides this, over-consumption of alcohol kills sexual urge of a person making you worse in bed.

Avoid taking up new medicines: You won’t believe, but it’s true, that new medicines usually kill your sexual urge and libido. New medicines may lead to drowsiness, anxiety, uneasiness or any other health issue. If it’s too urgent to consume the medicine, then you should have a close inspection with the same. If it’s killing your libido, then stop it for a while and make the most of your honeymoon.

Be wise with what you eat: Some foods are responsible for your low libido. Spicy and oily food decrease the level of testosterone in your body and make you weak in bed. Besides this, soy, carbohydrate-rich food, flaxseeds, etc. too lower down your sex drive. Thus, avoid taking these products while you are on your honeymoon. (Also read: Boost Your Intimate Relations With Aphrodisiac Foods)

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