What are the problems which are killing your libido

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What are the problems which are killing your libido

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Sometimes, you lose your libido and go down to the level of low sex drive. It affects your relationship in the worst manner, as it makes you quite under confident and weak. The inability to satisfy your partner creates problems between you two. However, there are many reasons responsible for turning your libido level low. You disapprove of physical closeness and action in bed with your partner. Thus, it makes your life quite dull and monotonous. It not only affects you but your partner too. A low libido for short term is acceptable but a long time low libido is a cause for concern. Given below are some of the reasons of low libido! (Also read: What are the things that might kill your libido during your honeymoon)

What are the problems which are killing your libido?

Depression: Depression is one of the biggest evil in one’s life. It not only impacts you mentally but physically too. It even challenges your sexual ability. Those who are experiencing depression of any kind lose interest in sexual activities. They become indifferent to their partner in bed and often are lost in their own world. Some people take antidepressants which make their sex drive low. You must then consult your doctor for a rapid cure.

Obesity: Taking an inappropriate diet and eating high carbs and fats make you obese. Being overweight leads to drop in sexual drive. Excessive weight leads to low transfer of testosterone in the body and thus spoils your libido power. (Also read: How can your underwear lower down your sperm count)

Excess medication: Some of the medicines are capable to kill your sex drive. They make you almost impotent in bed and turns off your mood. They lower the level of testosterone level of the body. It happens in the body of male and female simultaneously. Thus, consulting doctor is necessary in case your medication is responsible for low libido.

Family care stress: If you already have kids and live with a complete family, it often kills your sex drive. You feel exhausted after a tiresome day and want to stay away from the further action. It usually happens with a woman who tends to lose their libido if they have a complete family.

Lack of sleep: If you do not take adequate sleep, you tend to have low libido. The lack of sleep often leads to low testosterone in the body and thus lowers down your sex drive. Thus, sleeping for around 7-8 hours is essential for everyone. Besides this, if you exercise close to your bedtime you may tend to keep awake for longer. Thus, in turn, it keeps your sex drive low. (Also read: How does depression affect your sexual health)

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