What Are The Main Causes Of Infertility In Men

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What Are The Main Causes Of Infertility In Men

Reproduction is a common and natural activity in any couple’s life. But sometimes it becomes difficult for some couples to conceive. When the problem of conceiving lies with the male partner it is referred to as male infertility. Male infertility accounts for approximately one-fifth of all infertility cases. A man’s infertility generally lies on the number of sperms he ejaculates at a time. If the sperm count is very low then the possibilities of infertility

A man’s infertility generally lies on the number of sperms he ejaculates at a time. If the sperm count is very low then the possibilities of infertility appear.

Let us discuss the reasons of infertility in men:

Causes of infertility in men:
As mentioned earlier, sperm count in a man decides how fertile he is. Some men have the low sperm count by birth and some men made it lower by practising few outsource which affect the fertility system. These outsource reasons are:

The presence of varicocele:
A varicocele is an abnormal state. It is an extremely uncomfortable situation for men because of the rare large and twisted varicose present in the scrotum. This happens on the left side of the Scrotum and it affects the sperm counts as well. Also, it can raise testicular temperature, which may have effects on sperm production, movement, and shape of man’s private parts. This can be operated but there is no guarantee of the positive effect.

Hormone problems:
Sometime pituitary gland enables to stimulate the testicles effectively to produce Testosterone. Hence, it automatically affects the sperm counts. This is a very common reason for male infertility.

Premature ejaculation:
If a man has premature ejaculation problem, then he must be less capable of holding the sperms after immediate penetration. Premature ejaculation happens with minimal sexual seduction and even before the person wishes. It causes the unsatisfactory sex problems in a couple.

Retrograde ejaculation:
Retrograde ejaculation is a sexual problem. The man ejaculates the sperm inside the bladder only rather than passing it through the penis, this condition called Retrograde and is one of the most common reasons for male infertility.

Excessive smoking, drinking and drugs:
Apart from the mentioned causes, there are other reasons which deliberately affects infertility in men which are, smoking, drinking and taking drugs. Alcohol, various smoking elements and dangerous drugs can affect a man’s sperm count effectively. However, There are few medications available to this type of problems. But, it is always better to visit a doctor before choosing medication options. Everybody has different body immunity powers and for that, consulting a specialist would be a better option.

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