What Are The Important Rules To Maintain Vaginal Hygiene

Important Rules To Follow For A Healthy Vagina

Vaginal hygiene is one the most important health aspects of women. However, it is often ignored or wrongly done due to lack of awareness in some women. Although vagina has a self-defence mechanism, certain habits and wrong practices affect this and overall health of vagina. There are many hygiene tips which a woman should follow to keep her vagina healthy. Thus, below mentioned are some important rules to follow for a healthy vagina. [Also Read: What Are The Things You Should Not Put Inside Your Vagina]

Maintain pH level Of Vagina, Avoid Douching: Vagina keeps itself protected from bacterias and other infections by self-maintaining a certain pH level, level of moisture and temperature. Normally this pH level is between 3.8 to 4.5 which gets disturbed by using soap or douching. The acidity reduces inviting a host of bacterial growth, hence reducing the vaginal hygiene. If you observe any unpleasant smell, consult your doctor.

Change Sanitary Pad Frequently:

Not changing the sanitary pad for more than 5 to 6 hours may lead to rashes, irritation and high risk of infection due to the presence of various bacterias. So, it is very important for menstruating women to frequently change their pads.

Keep Your Private Area Dry:

Excessive sweating may cause several bacterias to grow especially near the private area, causing itching or rashes. Make it a habit to wash and dry properly after the workout or during hot weather. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes which prevent air circulation and cause sweating. [Also Read: What Are Major Things You Should Never Do To Your Vagina]

Have Protected Sex:

Always use condoms while having sex to avoid sexually transmitted disease like HIV, genital herpes or others, some of which are non-curable. Also, avoid inserting unhygienic objects or shared sex toys.

Avoid Using Chemicals:

Stay away from using chemical based creams or lubricants to keep it moist. These may imbalance the pH level of the vagina and give a stage to bacterial growth. Also, avoid bleached clothes or harsh cleaning wipes. Wash your vagina with neutral pH cleansers. [Also Read: What Are The Shocking Myths About Women’s Health]

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