What are the causes behind low sperm count in men

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What are the causes behind low sperm count in men

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Sexual health has a lot to do with the reproductive health of a person. Especially in case of men, for them the sperm count plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy reproductive system. The higher the count of sperm count in the semen, the better it is for the reproductive health. On an average, the healthy sperm count is from 8.1 crores/millilitre to 12 crores/millilitre. If the sperm count is lower than this then it means that you have serious health problems. There are various reasons that have an effect on the sperm count. It is important to understand and know how to maintain a healthy sperm count. (Also read: What are the causes of bleeding after sex)

Everyone knows that alcohol is actually really bad for the liver’s health. However, not many know that it is bad for your sperm count as well. Alcohol leads to the production of radicals that destroy the sperm count. This is why it is better to stay off alcohol in general for healthy sperm count.

Drug abuse
It is quite a known fact that drugs are pure evil for the body. They are also a bad news for the sperm count. In a recent research, it is visible that drugs have a negative effect on the person’s sperm count. Many times even painkillers have a negative effect on the sperm count and it leads to a problem in sperm creation and the levels of testosterone in the body.  (Also read: What all you must know about period sex)

The cigarettes are made up of many toxic materials that are harmful to the body. Due to smoking carbon monoxide is released. This is very dangerous for the sperm count. Also, smoking injures the process of blood circulation, which is certainly a bad news for the sperm count.

Stress and depression
Stress and depression affect every part of the body, and sperm count is no exception. The mental health affects the sperm count and the quality of the sperm.  (Also read: What are the dangers of unprotected sex)

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