How long the sperm can survive outside the body

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know how long the sperm can survive outside the body

Semen has 100-600 million sperms. After ovulation, a sperm is needed to go into the fallopian tube, which leads to the beginning of a new life. Listening to this seems like it is easy to conceive. But many sperms die before reaching the fallopian tube. Due to this, it is important to know how long sperm can live inside and outside the body. Knowing about this can help you with getting your wife pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. (Also read: How to increase the testosterone level in the body)

Let’s know about things related to the survival of the sperm.

The lifetime of sperm is limited. Some sperms are destroyed in minutes, then some can survive for 7 days, but only when they are kept in the right condition. The life sperm starts only after ejaculation. The sperms pass through the cervix and enter to the fallopian tubes. During this process, many counts of sperms decreases. More than half of the sperms go out of which only 10-20 can reach the right place. (Also read: What are the dangers of unprotected sex)

When it is inside the vagina, it can survive for 20 minutes. Sperm can live for a few minutes outside the woman’s body. Sperms need moisture and warmth to survive. The ability to survive the sperm can be increased while bathing. But due to soap with water, it also gets destroyed very quickly. It decreases the pH level of the fertility path during ovulation gives sperm more time to go to the cervix.

Those who go into the sperm follicle or uterus, their lifespan increases. It can live there for 5 days. Most sperms are destroyed in 1-2 days. Due to some reasons, the lifetime of sperms may be reduced. If you smoke, have high weight, consume alcohol, then the life sperm of the sperm is not high. (Also read: What is the best time to do sex according to the studies)

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