How to take care of your prostate

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How to take care of prostate glands

One should take care of the prostate glands by eating right and healthy

Prostate glands are found in men near their bladder and in front of the Rectum. Nowadays prostate cancer has become common as the men grow in age. According to a study, many men encounter the same problem sometimes due to genetic reason or because of their unhealthy lifestyle. It can even cause death, so it is necessary that one should aim at taking the preventive measures to deal with this life-threatening disease. (Also read: What are the various things one must do before sex)

Listed below are some measures that can be adapted to prevent prostate gland cancer:

Eat healthily:

It is very necessary that you switch to whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to stay away from the clutches of this chronic disease. Try to intake lycopene as much as you can. Lycopene is a substance that is responsible for providing redness to fruits and vegetables. Thus the red coloured food items are generally recommended as they have the ability to fight cancer germs. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy etc., the cruciferous family are very healthy options to rely on. They have a good defence mechanism against the attacks of cancer germs.

Watch out the protein intake:

Eating red meat isn’t a best practice to escape from the diseased prostate glands. Taking in protein from fish which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid in your diet. You can also switch to eggs, beans to fulfil your consumption of protein intake. (Also read: Few effective ways by which men can boost their sexual stamina)

Soy is a healthy option:

For all the vegetarians out there, include as much soy in your diet as you can. Soy has the properties to fight the germs producing cancer. Soy products like soybeans, soy nuts, tofu cheese etc are some of the best food items that fight cancer.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine:

If taken moderately alcohol and caffeine are no harm but an overdose of everything is bad. Don’t bounce upon being a heavy drinker of any of the two. Also, try to limit your consumption of sugary aerated drinks. They only aim to increase the level of sugar in our body. Treating yourself once in a while is acceptable to the body.

Reduce the intake of salt:

Eat fresh and healthy food. Avoid packaged and canned food to reduce your salt intake. Usually, preservatives have a high quantity of salt in them in order to preserve the food for a longer period of time which is unfit for human health. (Also read: How to improve your sexual health through diet)

Take healthy fats:

Eat more of healthy and natural sources of fats like olive oil, nuts, avocados etc. Don’t rely much on saturated fats from animal or dairy products such as ghee, butter, meat. They are the boosters of cancer germs in the body.

Maintain a healthy weight:

It is very necessary that you maintain your weight. Obesity is a root cause of all the diseases. Make sure you reduce your fat intake, as it becomes difficult to convert them into calories burn out during old age. So eat a fixed amount required by the body to carry out the activities.

Involve in physical exercise

Exercise is the main solution to every problem. You can maintain your weight and burn out your calories by regularly performing the exercise. You can always talk to a fitness expert about your problems and carry out those workouts fit for fighting against many diseases out of which cancer is one. Do more of lower body exercises. Switching to Kegel exercise is the best option(muscle exercises).

Beware of your family history:

If you belong to a family where your father or grandfather are suffering from prostate gland cancer, then you should beware and take immediate precautions to avoid the similar situation. Talk to your doctor and communicate him about your family history. You may be at a higher risk of cancer if your sibling is already bearing the pain of it. So be careful!

Visit a doctor regularly:

It is very necessary that you should take a regular treatment and get the checkup done. Talk about the possible symptoms that are showing up and discuss your family history as well. It’s good if you remain under the medical attention for any such thing that might cost your life as well.

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