How To Increase Libido With Foods

How To Increase Libido With Foods

Libido refers to the sex drive in both men and women. It is the overall sexual desire to perform the sexual activity. There are cases where people suffer from the reduced libido i.e., the person has no desire for sex. The low count of sex hormones in both males and females leads to the condition of reduced libido. Stress, bad food habits and other medical issues can also be a cause of lower libido. However, there are many foods which one can eat to increase the level of their libido hence, enjoying the sexual pleasures. Find below the list of foods which are effective to increase the libido.


Eating broccoli is essential for females if they have a low sex drive. The presence of high content Vitamin C in broccoli helps in increasing the blood flow to organs thereby increasing the libido level.


The most common Indian spice is also beneficial to increase the sexual drive in humans. Cloves have the ability to boost the sex drive in males. Also, cloves are essential to treat sexual problems in men like Erectile Dysfunction.


The watermelon is infused with nutrients essential to perform an excellent sexual act. It gives a boost to blood vessels thus, increasing the level of libido.


You can eat eggs in any form you want but make sure you eat them if you want to increase the libido. Eggs are high in protein and low in calories which boosts your stamina. Hence, giving an increase to the sexual act.


Ginger is one such herb which can be quoted as a libido enhancer. Intake of ginger keeps the blood flowing throughout your body hence, increasing the power of genital area. Therefore, eating ginger is great if you want to increase your sex drive.

Hence, if you want to perform a great sexual act, your libido level has to be strong. Thus, eat these foods and get great results.

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