How does heat affect your sperm count

How does heat affect your sperm count

Maintaining the sexual health is utmost important to stay healthy and fit. Any disruption in your sexual health might deprive you of being the parent. If you are constantly complaining of infertility or low sperm count, then you must take care of your sperm health. Each part of the body requires a free environment, toxin-free space and adequate amount of nourishment to stay healthy. However, some of our daily habits deteriorate the health of sperms. We often keep the laptops on our laps, cellphones in our laps, excessive hot bath etc. Sperms need at least 4 degrees cooler temperature than the body to maintain their productivity and good health. Let’s discuss in detail about the factors that are impacting your sperm health and making you less fertile. (Also read: Which foods kill your sex drive)

How does heat affect your sperm count?

Laptops: The heat that generates from the laptops directly impacts your sperm health. It heats your testicles. As mentioned above, sperms need a low temperature. Thus, by excessive use of laptops and keeping it on your laps, you face the problem of low sperm count in long run.

Smartphones: Yes, even your mobile phones are harming your sperm health. Most of us keep our mobile phones in our pocket, this eventually makes the portion heated. Battery heat and the electromagnetic waves harm the sperm cells and diminish the fertility. Hence, try to keep your mobile phones in a bad instead of your pocket. (Also read: What are the various things one must do before sex)

Tight fitting clothes: Even some men like to wear tight fitting clothes which ultimately impacts their sperm cells. The testicles require the fresh air to breathe. Thus, wear loose pants and underwears which allow the passage of some fresh air.

Hot bath and sauna: Everyone like to pamper themselves with sauna bath and hot shower. However, an excess of these hot temperature exposure might result in affecting the health of your testicles. Thus, limit your hot showers and take up sauna only once in a week.

How to maintain good sperm health?

  • According to studies, the sperm health gets impacted during summer time. It is because of the excessive heat. So, take a break from the excess exposure to Sun or heat.
  • Do not wear tight clothes. Wear the loose-fitting sweatpants or boxers to stay cool down there.
  • Go for swimming during summertime to neutralise the temperature of the body.
  • Lose weight, as when you are obese there is a layer of fat over the scrotum, which lays constant heat to your testicles. It makes you feel warm right there and decreases the production of sperms. Besides this, obesity is one of the major cause of infertility. (Also read: Which food items are affecting your sex life)
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