How can your underwear lower down your sperm count

How can your underwear lower down your sperm count

Male infertility issues are common but most men stay unaware of the possible causes of the same. There are many factors that contribute to the problem of male infertility like stress, unhealthy lifestyle etc. However, there is another reason for infertility in men, that is their underwear. Believe it or not, there are few underwear mistakes that can cause the problem of infertility in men. According to a study, it has been observed that many underwear mistakes can cost a lot to your fertility and sexual health. Let’s find out what underwear mistake can cost you your fertility.

Simply speaking your scrotum temperature has a lot to do with your sperm’s health. Your sperm should not be subjected to a high temperature as it impacts negatively on your sperm’s quality. So, the men who prefer to wear tight underwear push their scrotum near their body. The body’s temperature is higher than the natural temperature of the scrotum. If the testicles are overheated, it has a direct impact on the health of your sperms. It also reduces the air-circulation causing the problem of heat.

How heat affects the sperm quality?
The relationship between the heat and sperm count is a very simple one. When the testicles are exposed to the heat, they simply die. This results in the low sperm count, which is a major reason for infertility in men.

How to avoid this problem?
The best way to avoid this problem is to solve it at the root level. Therefore, you must opt for underwear that provides space for your scrotum. This applies to your jeans and trousers as well. Wear tight jeans or tight trousers too can harm your sperm count and quality.
Also, when you are sleeping, you can try to sleep bare, so as to preserve the natural state of your scrotum and keep it healthy.

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