How to help your man last longer in bed

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A woman can help her partner to perform better in the bed

Tips to last longer in bed: Being a partner, you can actually help your man to last longer in bed. It is utmost necessary to stay healthy and maintain good body weight, which boosts your sexual strength. Most of the men have the habit of finishing faster in bed in comparison to their female partner. Even the study reveals that men finish faster in bed. Reaching the climax within few minutes might turn the female partner. There are many factors like excessive drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating habits, obesity etc. which might make a man weak in bed. However, you can help your man to stay longer in bed by giving up some unhealthy habits. (Also read: Which foods kill your sex drive)

This article includes:

  • Help him to maintain his body shape
  • Encourage him to give up smoking
  • Help him to avoid excess drinking
  • Ensure he practices deep breathing
  • Help him to get rid of stress

Tips to last longer in bed: How to help your man last longer in bed?

  1. Help him to maintain his body shape: We all need to maintain our weight as obesity not only leads to infertility but also poor performance in bed. Thus, it is essential that your partner and you have a normal body weight. For this, you can encourage your partner to join the gym or do some physical workout. This will help your partner to stay in good body shape.
  2. Encourage him to give up smoking:

    tips to last longer in bed
    Smoking is not just injurious to health but also impacts your sexuality

    Smoking impacts the sexuality of a person in the most dangerous manner. Passive smoking leads to impotency and hence deteriorates your performance in bed. Thus, encourage your partner to give up smoking. If not immediately then slowly but definitely. You can read about how smoking impacts lovemaking in details by clicking here.

  3. Help him to avoid excess drinking:
    how to last longer in bed
    Excessive drinking of alcohol makes a person weak in the bed

    Drinking in moderation is good for health. However, excessive drinking not only challenges your health but also worsen your sexuality. It makes you lose the control and you finish off faster in bed. A woman should try her best, to make her partner drink in moderation in order to maintain a good physical relationship.

  4. Ensure he practices deep breathing: Deep breathing helps to have a better control over your body. Being impulsive makes you lose the body control. Thus, help your partner to practice deep breathing exercise and gain control over the sexual organs. This will help him to last longer in the bed.
  5. Help him to get rid of stress: Stress and anxiety harm your sex drive, says a research. Thus, talk to your partner and help them stay away from the stress. Talk and sort out the things that are troubling their mind. This will help him to have a better performance in bed. (Also read: How can a single kiss help you to improve your sexual life)

The above-mentioned points will help your partner to last longer in bed. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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