Foods that can improve your sexual health

Foods that can improve your sexual health

Sexual drive is something that keeps fluctuating in men and women with growing time and pressure in life. It entirely depends on your eating habits, lifestyle and also your partner most importantly about how healthy is your sexual life. The declination in sexual drive is often found common in people according to a recent study. Considering the below-listed food and certain food products, one can improve his/her sexual health.

Almonds are necessary: Almonds are rich in zinc, selenium and vitamin E. We all are well aware of the benefits vitamin E provide to our heart and blood vessels, keeping our body organs strong. Zinc is responsible for producing sex hormones in the male body whereas selenium cures the problem of infertility faced by women. Try to intake more almonds as they are responsible for keeping blood vessels healthy. They improve the cardiovascular health as well. Almonds help in increasing libido and reach the orgasmic stage at the end.

Avocados are good: We all have come across the uses of avocados well in advance. Let’s take a quick brief of the same. Avocados contain potassium and B6 that are responsible for keeping our heart and blood vessels healthy. They regulate the blood flow and helps in supplying blood to every part of the body making the genitals active and healthy. Avocados are also responsible for dealing with impotency in men. (Also read: How to take care of your prostate)

Onions and garlic are healthy options: Onions help in regulating blood sugar level in our body and also helps in reducing cholesterol. Both onions and garlic boost up sexual hormones of both men and women. It also provides them necessary minerals and increases the production of male testosterone.

Eating fish is good: Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids in them which helps in the proper circulation of blood through the male and female sexual organs. It also helps to keep the female mucus membrane healthy and functioning. Omega 3 helps in making the brain alert about the passion and arousal. ( Also read: How to do sexual meditation in the right manner)

Eat carrots and green leafy vegetables: Carrots and green leafy vegetable help in keeping the sexual hormones healthy. It also boosts the libido making sexual life more pleasurable. The circulation of blood through all the organs will make the body fit for the activity. Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin C which helps in keeping the fetus healthy and also produces healthy sperm.

Switching to red food items:

Strawberries, tomatoes, and watermelon are helpful in blood circulation and sperm formation in men. They also help in giving up with the problems of infertility. Watermelon contains L-citrulline( amino acid) which makes the male erection harder for a longer time.

Figs make the mood:

Figs boost up fertility both in men and women. They also play a vital role in bringing your partner in a passionate intimacy mood due to the presence of pheromones in them.

Cut down your body weight:

It’s good if you maintain a normal body weight and cut down the extra kilos from your body. A healthy body is a resident of healthy body organs. In an obese body, multiple diseases could make you suffer erectile dysfunction.

Avoid junk and reduce sugar intake:
These two categories of food are next to poisonous for our body. They lead to accumulation of fat, making you obese and welcome unhealthy conditions in the body. It affects the sexual hormones and lowers down the impotence.

These two categories of food are next to poisonous for our body. They lead to accumulation of fat, making you obese and welcome unhealthy conditions in the body. It affects the sexual hormones and lowers down the impotence.

Besides the above-mentioned food suggestions, it is necessary that we incorporate more of Vitamin A, B & C, zinc, magnesium in your diet. All the food products rich in them promotes blood circulation in the body and keeps the heart and body healthy. They help in boosting up your libido and helps in increasing the sperm count in men. They also help in getting rid of the problems of infertility in women.

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