What are the everyday habits that impact your sperms’ health

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What are the everyday habits that impact your sperms' health

Often men are less vigilant about their fitness, especially when it comes to their sexual health. For men, their sexual health includes many things such as their stamina, testosterone levels and the sperm count. A healthy sperm count is the first step to a healthy fertility. However, there are many everyday things that you do that negatively impact your sperm count and harm your sexual health in the worst possible manner. It is important to know about these habits so that you can avoid them and maintain a healthy sperm count. Let’s find out what are the daily habits that are harming your sperm count. (Also read: How causal sex impacts your emotional health)

Keeping your laptop on lap
Most guys are guilty of this habit. When you put the laptop on your lap while working, its heat impacts your sperm count. This happens because of the heat of the laptop. Your testicles are located outside your body to stay cool. However, the heat of the laptop leads to serious damage to your sperm.

Drinking carbonated drinks or soda
When you consume too much soda or carbonated drinks leads excessive sugar consumption. This leads to the condition of insulins resistance. The cells of your body are unable to use the glucose for the energy. All this turn of inflammation, which in turn into inflammation according to a research(Also read: What are the causes behind tiny bumps or pimples on the penis)

Hot showers
Everyone likes to go for a hot shower to relax but it is not a good news for your sperm count. Excessive hot shower leads to heating of the testicles. Your scrotum that contains the testicles is usually located outside the body. It happens to maintain a cool temperature to protect your sperm. So, excessive hot showers or steam bath can harm your sperms’ health.

Stress impacts your health in the worst possible manner. According to a study, too much stress leads to harm to your reproductive health, it creates inflammatory protein. These protein harm the sperm.

Tight underwear
In simple word, the men who wear tight underwear on a regular basis push their scrotum near their body. As the body’s temperature is higher than the natural temperature of the scrotum. It harms the health of the sperm. (Also read: How can your underwear lower down your sperm count)

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