What are the common lubricant mistakes you commit while lovemaking

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What are the common lubricant mistakes you commit while lovemaking

People usually use lubricant to ease the process of lovemaking. It not only eases the process of intercourse but also make it quite pleasurable too. Sometimes, a lubricant is required if a woman is suffering from the problem of vaginal dryness. Thus, the right choice of lubricant is required to go easy in bed. According to a study, a woman finds more pleasure while they use lubricant. But you have to choose a lubricant wisely, in order to avoid the risk of infections and any sexual problem. Though lubricant is used to make the process smooth, it may hamper the health of your partner too. Listed below are some of the mistakes which people tend to commit while they use a lube. (Also read: What are the problems which are killing your libido)

What are the common lubricant mistakes you commit while lovemaking?

Using saliva when you are ill: People often use their own saliva to lubricate. Though saliva is a healthy way when you are ill, you must avoid doing this. It might transmit infection into the body of your partner. Besides this, it may lead to many health issues as well.

Using oil-based lubricant with condoms: Oil-based lube help to make the lovemaking smooth and don’t create much hindrance. But one must avoid using it when wearing a protection. Oil based lube often makes the condom slip. Besides this, it causes irritation and infection in the private part of the woman down there. (Also read: What are the things that might kill your libido during your honeymoon)

Using soap based shower gel as lube: Many people use soap-based shower gel. This makes the probability of breaking down of the condom more. It may also lead to irritation and itchiness in the woman genitals.

Flavoured lubricant: Using a flavoured lubricant is not a good option. It may lead to yeast infection and can cause the birth of bacteria in the genitals. Thus, go for natural lubricants which are flavourless.

Using cool lotions: Using cooling lotions to lubricate the genitals is not a good option. Though they are inscribed as a cooling agent, they actually lead to irritation and itching. It causes burning sensation when it comes in contact with the skin.

Using expired lubricant: Some people out of ignorance tend to use expired lubricant. They forget to check the expiry date and use the same expired lubricant. This is one of the major mistakes, as it affects the overall health of the people. It causes skin irritation, burning sensation and allergy on the body. (Also read: How can one take care of the breasts to keep them healthy)

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