What are the causes of hot flashes in men

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What are the causes of hot flashes in men

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The problem of hot flashes is often found in women, but many times even men suffer from hot flashes. The main cause of hot flashes in men is the lack or deficiency of potassium. When someone is dealing with hot flashes, he or she will feel hot all of a sudden, this leads to sweating as well as burning sensation in the body. There are some hormones in the man’s body that are essential for maintaining a healthy life. Imbalance of these hormones can lead to various problems in a man’s body, one of such problems is hot flashes. (Also read: What are the causes of bleeding after sex)

Androgen Deprivation Therapy
The Androgen Deprivation Therapy is a method that restrains the production of the testosterone hormone. This is done to remove the possibility of prostate cancer. This leads to the hormonal imbalance, which in turn leads to the problem of hot flashes.

Lifestyle and daily routine
Mental health problems like depression and stress impact the health of the body as well. Men often fall victim to stress and depression, as a result, their mind becomes anxious. All this leads to the problem of hot flashes.(Also read: What all you must know about period sex)

Medical disorder
There are many medical problems or medical disorders that impact the level of testosterone in the man’s body. In that case, a man has to face hot flashes.

Hormonal change
As the age of the man increase, the production testosterone declines with it. Sometimes it sinks below the average. This leads to the lack of sexual drive and hot flashes. In most cases, this decline occurs after 50, but in some cases, it can happen after 30 as well.

Many people have allergic reactions to many things. These reactions can take many turns. Especially, the allergic reaction to the MSG or monosodium glutamate can lead to hot flashes. MSG is used in spicy food mostly. (Also read: What are the dangers of unprotected sex)

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