What are the causes behind urinary incontinence or peeing in your pants

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What are the causes behind urinary incontinence or peeing in your pants

Many people face the problem of urinating in their pants. This problem is not just embarrassing but also a person’s health suffers a lot due to the same. This problem is known as the urinary incontinence. The problem of urinary incontinence happens when you have no control over your bladder. Due to which your bladder leaks even before you can reach the washroom to relieve yourself. Another side of this problem is that sometimes one ends up with allergies and cold, so when you sneeze end up peeing a little. In some cases, it is an occasional problem, in others, it is very serious. Let’s find out the possible causes of urinary incontinence. (Also read: What are the causes behind low sperm count in men)

Weak pelvic muscular
Normally, the urethra is so tight that even if the pressure is there, it won’t let the pee leak. Sometimes the pelvic muscles turn weak due to many factors such as childbirth, muscle damage. This weakness leads to weak pelvic muscles.

As the time passes by, your age changes as well. With changing and increasing age, the muscles that support the bladder turn weak. This leads to the problem of leakage. To keep the muscles strong and bladder efficiently working you can go exercising and pick a healthy routine. (Also read: What are the causes of hot flashes in men)

Lack of bladder capacity
Normally when the bladder is filled the muscles of the bladder doesn’t let go until and unless you are ready. However, sometimes the bladder capacity is really low, and it doesn’t let the person wait till the washroom break, and leads to peeing in the pants.

Increased prostate
Men have the prostate gland located adjacent to the bladder. This gland releases liquid that is needed to provide nourishment to the sperms. With age, the size of this gland increase. This leads to the problem of urinary incontinence.

Whatever you eat has an impact on your health. Citrus food items, caffeine, carbonated drinks etc cause irritation to the bladder. This can lead to the problem of urinary incontinence as well. (Also read: What are the causes of bleeding after sex)

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