What are the biggest and most shocking myths about fertility

What are the biggest and most socking myths about fertility

Getting pregnant is a wonderful journey to start a family life. However, not everyone is blessed enough to conceive instantly. Many couples try really hard to conceive, but it does not always yield results. As a result, they start believing any myth or rumour they hear. All these myths about fertility make the road to pregnancy even worse for the couple. Therefore, it is important to debunk the myths about the fertility and the ideas attached to it. Let’s find out what these myths are and what is the actual truth of it. (Also read: What are the causes behind tiny bumps or pimples on the penis)

Myth: Orgasm is important for conceiving
Truth: Orgasm is wonderful for your sexual life, but it is not important to conceiving. Even if you do not achieve orgasm you might still be able to conceive.

Myth: You can ovulate twice in a month
Truth: If you think that is true, then get this thought out of your mind completely. You can release two eggs during your menstrual cycle, but it doesn’t mean twice the ovulation. The hormonal change during your periods will not happen again and again.  (Also read: What are the causes behind low sperm count in men)

Myth: Diet has no impact on your ovulation
Truth: Your diet has a lot of impact on your health. Not only that, it also impacts your fertility. Excessive consumption of junk food harms the body of the woman who is looking forward to the road of motherhood.

Myth: Breastfeeding means you can’t get pregnant
Truth: The simple truth of the matter is every woman’s body is different. Even though, when you are lactating, you do not face periods and you are less fertile, but it doesn’t mean you can’t conceive.

Myth: Regular periods mean that you won’t have a hard time conceiving
Truth: It is important to remember that regular and proper period don’t signify that you will get pregnant easily. As there plenty of other problems that might be latent.(Also read: What are the causes of bleeding after sex)

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