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Know different facts about testosterone

Testosterone: What are the facts about testosterone

When the body does not produce the appropriate amount of testosterone that condition called as hypogonadism. There are more facts about testosterone which help you to maintain the testosterone levels in the body.

Sexual benefits of eating dark chocolate

Sexual health: How does dark chocolate helps your body sexually

Sex tips: Most of the people love to eat chocolates. However, the excess sugar present in it, makes the people avoid it whenever possible. However, you might not know that in place of milk chocolate, one must eat dark chocolate. It helps to boost your sexual health and makes it better.

How to help your man last longer in bed

Tips to last longer in bed: Usually, men finish off faster in bed as compared to that of the woman. There are many factors like excessive drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating habits, obesity etc. which might make a man weak in bed. Hence, you must help your partner to improve his performance in the bed.

How does heat affect your sperm count

How does heat affect your sperm count

Many people complaint about infertility and low sperm count. Medical aids and supplements might seem like a solution but in reality, you must make certain lifestyle changes. You know what’s damaging your sperm count? It’s the heat!

Which foods kill your sex drive

Which foods kill your sex drive

When the level of testosterone declines in the body it often results in the low sex drive. It affects your sexual health as well. In order to take good care of sexual health and sex drive, one must ignore certain food items.