Why Do Men Finish Faster While Having Sex For The First Time

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Why Do Men Finish Faster While Having Sex For The First Time

Everybody remembers their first lovemaking moments. Intercourse or lovemaking is actually exciting for all. But, this first time can be quite apprehensive, especially for men. Everyone has some memories attached with their first intercourse. It might not last long for various reasons. During sex, men have to perform well, but unfortunately, most men reach the climax faster. It is quite a common problem with many people. Hence, have a look at the following and know why men finish faster while having sex for the first time. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Sexual Dysfunction In Women)

Erectile dysfunction:
It is a common problem in men which makes loves making less pleasureful. This is nothing but a sheer pressure on man’s mind which creates erectile dysfunction while making love. But, this problem resolves on its own. It may bother you during the initial stages but at the time, it will go. But, if this problem does not leave you after quite a times, you should consult with your doctor. So, this is one of those problems which makes your lovemaking end faster.

Premature ejaculation:
As we have already mentioned, first-time sex wreck a lot of physiological problems. That is why men usually behave nerve-racked. So, the pressure of performing better on bed leads to premature ejaculation. Furthermore, men cannot say all these to their partner and that is why this thing happens. Other than that, premature ejaculation is something which happens mostly because of the over excitement. (Also Read: What are the signs of the internet sex addiction)

Less aware of the control power:
If you are having sex for the first time, it is obvious that you to have no experience before and you may fail to control your peak excitement. That is why men reach the climax faster than usual. But, this problem will resolve with time. The more you have sex the more you understand your capacity and your power.

These are the possible cause of completing sex before the usual time for the first time. Men should always remember that, masturbating and having sex both powers are different. So, if a man is having good long lasting experience with masturbating, it does not signify that the person will be having the same hold during sex for the first time. But if this problem does not leave you soon, you should consult with your doctor. (Also Read: What are the causes of vaginal drynes)

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