Low sex drive in woman: Top causes of low libido in women

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low sex drive causes and reasons

Low sex drive or low libido can affect your relationship with your partner

Low sex drive: Low libido or low sex drive is a very common condition in women. However, it is rarely found in men. Many women complain about the lack of libido for which they are often worried as it affects their relationship. Under this condition, they do not feel like getting sexually involved with their partner in real and they often get turned off while making love to their partner. If you are also undergoing the same condition, then you should find out the possible reasons which are affecting your sex life. Finding them out can help you to regain the peace and harmony in your relationship. Let’s discuss the reasons behind the low sex drive in women. (Also read: Which foods kill your sex drive)

What are the reasons for low sex drive or no desire of sex in women?

  • Lack of sleep
  • Anaemia
  • Stress or depression
  • Hormonal changes
  • Problems in relationship
  1. Lack of sleep

    Causes of low libido in woman
    Lack of sleep causes low sex drive in the woman

    If you are too tired throughout the day, that means you did not sleep properly. The lack of an adequate amount of sleep lowers the level of libido in the body. When you sleep, your body accumulates energy, releases toxins and regenerates the damaged cells. Lack of sleep thus makes you feel tired and you have to bear the consequences.

  2. Anaemia
    The deficiency of iron is one of the most common problems in women. During periods, our body falls short of iron. Thus, it prohibits the flow of blood to all the body parts. It eventually makes you deprive of sex drive. In order to know the importance of iron in woman’s body, click here.
  3. Stress or depression

    causes of low sex drive in women
    Stress or depression leads to low sex drive in women

    Lack of sleep causes stress in the body which affects the whole body and declines your desire for sex. If you are under stress for a very long time then your body releases cortisol level which declines the level of testosterone level. Eventually, you come across the problem of low sex drive. On the other hand, those who suffer from depression take an anti-depressant, which declines their sexual ability.

  4. Hormonal changes
    Your hormones affect your sex life to a great extent. Because of certain important hormones, you are unable to make the sexual relationship with your partner. If you are under stress, depression or you are taking birth control pills, then your hormones will get affected. It ultimately affects your libido level.
  5. Problems in relationship
    When two people are in a relationship, you might undergo a lot of issues. But to solve them and reunite is what relationship is all about. But at times, the fights also affect your sexual relationship with your partner. Thus, it is always better to solve your issues. (Also read: What are the problems which are killing your libido)

These are some of the main reasons that affect your sex life and sexual relationships with your partner. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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