Wrong Expectations Of Relationships Which Are Completely Bizarre

Wrong expectations of relationships

Keeping an unrealistic expectation in the relationship is not a healthy practice. Picture Credit: justdate.com

Real life relationships are drastically different from the relationships we see in the movies. The real life is more practical and shrewd. But many people expect their relationship to be nothing less than a fairytale, which is absolutely bizarre. Like ways, people have many relationship expectations which are completely wrong and when this expectation do not turn up, they blame the relationship. These wrong expectations can easily kill a beautiful relationship. So, if you are not aware of these unrealistic wrong expectation of every relationship. Have a look! (Also Read: How To Improve The Communication In Your Relationship)

Wrong Expectations Of Relationships:

  • My partner will understand what’s on my mind
  • We will never fight
  • Monogamy is easy if the relationship is true
  • We both need only each other
  • We will have an easy relationship

My partner will understand what’s on my mind:

The most bizarre expectation of almost every relationship is mind reading. If you are thinking that your partner will catch whatever is happening in your mind, you are going to get hurt. Your partner is a human, not God. So, forget about this wrong expectation.

We will never fight:

Wrong expectations of relationships
If you are expecting that you both will never fight, it is not possible.

Every couple thinks that they will never fight when the relationship is at the initial stage. But when the time moves forward, the reality comes. Fighting does not mean the relationship is not true. But it is just a contradiction of two different mentalities. There are a lot of reasons which lead to fighting. To know about them click here.

Monogamy is easy if the relationship is true:
Yes! monogamy is important for any relationship. But that is not possible when you do not make a mental balance with your partner. Stop expecting unrealistically.

We both need only each other:

If you are expecting that you both will not be going to need anyone except each other, it is not possible.

Have you seen a person spending his entire life with just one person? It is not possible. The way you are important to your partner, there is a need for friends and family too. Spending an isolated life with just your partner will not make any sense.

We will have an easy relationship:
Things about having a great relationship itself is a bizarre expectation which is completely wrong. You never know when you experience complications in terms of trust, loyalty and other complications. That is why prepare your mind before entering into any relationship. Not all relationships are like movies. (Also Read: What Are The Best Compliments To Impress A Girl)

These are the wrong expectations most couple preserve which eventually hurt their feelings only. We are not saying that having expectations is a bad thing. But you should understand which is realistic and which is bizarre. Read the article in Hindi also.

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