Why do women these days are afraid of getting married

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Why do women these days are afraid of getting married

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Marriage is a big decision of life. One must take a decision after giving a deep thought as it the matter of a lifetime. Girls are more afraid of marriage as they have to leave their parents home and live in a whole new home with a complete strange family. They are worried about the kind of life partner they will get. Besides this, there are many factors and thoughts that haunt them a lot. Many a time,s a girl has to compromise her career for her new family and marriage. Therefore, marriage is one thing from which many girls try to run away. It is bond forever which might snatch away your freedom and individuality from you. (Also read: Reasons why does your girlfriend flirt with other men)

Why do women these days are afraid of getting married?

The fear of losing identity: Many girls feel that they will lose their identity after getting married. They do not want to get dependent on someone for the entire life. They will have to spend their life according to someone else. Not just this, they feel that girls have to compromise their desires for making a marriage successful. Therefore, they do not want to marry.

Staying with in-laws: These days girls want freedom in life. They think they have to live with their in-laws and have to do things according to their own wishes. If they commit any mistake then they have to apologise and compromise a lot in front of the in-laws. (Also read: What should one do if they miss their partner and can’t talk to them)

Fear of responsibilities: The name of marriage itself is enough to bring you on nerves. Girls fear to get married as they think that they will be burdened with a lot of responsibilities as they will have to take care of the family too. This could be one of the biggest and the major reasons why girls do not want to get married.

Fear the lack of love: Many girls have the fear of receiving love in their life. Also, they think that in arrange marriages the husband only listens to the family. He ignores the needs of their partner. The fear of not being loved is enough to make them run away from the decision of marriage. (Also read: What kind of a person should you date according to your zodiac sign)

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