Confession of love: Why women are afraid of confessing their love to men first

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Why woman do not propose the man first

Women are afraid to propose the man first, as she is afraid of being rejected.

Confession of love: If a woman loves someone, she never confesses her love first. She tries to hide her feelings. However, they wait for that man to like her, propose to her and to understand her feelings. But it’s not possible that what you want will surely happen. Men often undergo a question about the women. When a woman likes someone, why is she afraid of confessing her love to that man. There are multiple reasons behind this choice. If a woman does not express or confess her love first, then there must be something behind the same. Let’s discuss what stops a woman to say I love you to the man she loves. (Also read: What are things women worry about in a relationship)

Why does a woman not express or confess first even if she loves a person?

  • Rejection
  • Fear of already being in a relationship
  • Beyond your reach
  • Forming a wrong opinion
  • The fear of society

The fear of getting rejected is strong enough to make a woman not express her love for man. She steps back as she does not want to get insulted or feel guilty about anything. (Also read: Why are you getting rejected by your crush)

Fear of already being in a relationship
Women assume that the person they like might already be in a relationship. This stops them from confessing their love to that man. (Also read: Ready for commitment: Signs that he is ready to commit to you)

Beyond your reach
Women often consider the consequences before doing anything. While talking about love, she overanalyzes everything. Thus, she thinks that the man she loves, might be beyond her reach and eventually, she takes a step backwards. (Also read: How To Get The Girl Who Is Out Of Your Reach)

Forming a wrong opinion
Women think that if they will confess their love to the man, then the later will form a wrong opinion in his mind. This reduces their self-confidence and this stops a woman from confessing her love.

The fear of society
Our society has set some standards. Women always fear what the society will think about their character if they propose a man first or confess her love first. This makes a woman stay quiet and hide her feelings.

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These are some of the reasons why women do not speak of their love for the man at first. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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