Why stalking your ex on social media is a bad idea

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Why stalking your ex on social media is a bad idea

Moving on after a relationship can be very difficult for some people. Many times people keep crawling back to the old memories and refuse to let go of the relationship. As a result, such people end up stalking their exes on every social media site possible. This tendency pulls them away from the real life and healthy healing, they just get addicted to the social media updates of their ex. There are plenty of reasons that can help you to understand that stalking your ex on social media is never a healthy and beneficial decision. Let’s find out the reasons. (Also read: How to end a toxic friendship right away)

You can never let go
Getting out of a relationship means you have to let go of the person completely. However, if you keep stalking your ex, it simply means that you can’t let go of him or her. Soon, you will find yourself stuck with the memories and pain of the past.

Your ex will eventually move on and start a life that has no place for you in it. So, you will keep stalking your ex on social media, you will find that you are jealous of the life your ex is living. (Also read: What are the surprising things men find attractive in a woman)

Stalking your ex is like virtual self-harm. You subject yourself to this cruel routine, and as a result, you hurt your emotions over and over.

Destroying your own happiness
When you spend your time stalking your ex on social media, you are simply killing your own time. This stalking can be used in various other ways, like going out with friends, learning something new etc. So, you are simply wasting your own time in stalking your ex.

Makes you feel worse
Everyone puts their best foot forward in the social media. So, when you see the check-ins, photos or videos of your ex, you simply feel bad about yourself. You start reminiscing the time you had together. Therefore, it is a really bad idea to stalk your ex. (Also read: What are the things that you can gift to your partner in the coming year)

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