Why should you never date your bestfriend

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Why should you never date your bestfriend

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Your bestfriend is one person who knows you better than anybody else. You feel at ease with their presence itself. They have seen you are your worst and your best. This is why many people believe that it will be amazing to be in love with your bestfriend. However, it is not the best idea always. Most people forget about the problems that may arise when you decide to be in a relationship with your bestfriend. Your bestfriend might be the perfect friend you ever had but he or she might not turn out to be the best partner. Let’s find out the reasons why you should never date your bestfriend. (Also read: Why is it so difficult to date a daddy’s princess)

There is no mystery
The best part of any relationship is getting to know each in a romantic way. When you jump in a relationship with your bestfriend you already know all about that person. So, you miss out on the whole experience of knowing someone.

You might damage your friendship
Your friendship with your bestfriend is the most valuable asset to you. When you decide to turn it into a relationship you risk your friendship. Relationships aren’t always successful, so if your relationship with your bestfriend is unsuccessful you also lose your friendship.  (Also read: Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful)

You might not be compatible
Being bestfriend with someone doesn’t mean that you will have great compatibility as a couple. Friendship and relationships are different so it is important to understand that you need to check for romantic compatibility.

You can’t complain to your bestfriend
Your bestfriend is one person that listens to all your relationship complains. However, if your bestfriend is your partner you lose the chance to talk to your bestfriend about it.

There is no good way to call it off
When you realise that your relationship is not working anymore there is no easy way to break the news. You can’t hurt your bestfriend or break his or her heart. As a result, the relationship turns into a burden.

You can’t have the same bond again
If you take the decision to be a couple and it doesn’t work out, you can’t go back to your normal friendship. That part is your bond is permanently damaged. (Also read: Why and when it is totally okay to miss your ex)

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